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Won the bid of Guangxi water conservancy department disaster supplies -65 Taiwan

Release date:2014/10/27 click:times

In January 8, 2014, Guangxi star talent showing itself in the more than 20 units in the tender, Guangxi successfully won the bid of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region water conservancy department starlight drought equipment procurement project, the project: mobile trailer type diesel generating units 65 units, the (50KW) 25, (30KW) 40, the winning bid for a total amount of 1980253 yuan.

The tender for public bidding by Guangxi Electrical Equipment Co., ltd.. The company leadership attaches great importance to the drought resistant materials, the company various departments actively cooperate with efforts to complete the requirements in the bidding documents, unanimously approved the final gain professional judges, successfully won the bid for the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of water resources and drought resistance of equipment procurement project.

The successful bid, in addition to the efforts and cooperate with Guangxi star of all departments, still need to thank Guangxi Yuchai to Guangxi star power company's strong support, but also fully illustrated Guangxi Xingguang company's corporate image, product quality and after sale service is getting more and more customers recognized。

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